Wednesday, August 13, 2008


You know why i call some people jerk?? Few days back, when all of us were assembling at the field to sing our national anthem, i could hear someone talking very very loudly. We were in the midst of singing 'Negaraku', and we could still hear someone talking behind us so loudly in Tamil. There were 700 ++ people singing and i could still heard the talking. So you can imagine how loud the conversation was. I felt like yelling that girl to shut up and GIVE YOU COUNTRY SOME RESPECT! She should see the opening ceremony of the Olympic 2008 in Beijing the night before... yea... i bet she didnt watch it... thats why she was behaving like she just hav the tiniest brain ever. I saw the way the Chinese sang their national anthem...even the children sang very passionately, putting their right hands across their chests...These made me feel so touch. And at that moment... i thought how good if the Young Malaysians could practise this...i do not say it is impossible.. but it takes time to train up these kids to really show their respect for the National anthem.

I was very pissed off with that girl... i wanted to give her a big, humongous slap at her face..... ahhahhaha....but of course i wont do that...I do not want to get myself any trouble for that. But..the thing was... i did give her a... what i call..... a 'Semi' slap at her jaw past few weeks.... that was an accident. I was swinging both of my hands and she happened to walk pass me and so...............unfortunately kena her jaw... BINGO! haha...Jerk...

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