Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lee Chong Wei

Chong Wei... i just wanna tell you this. I am damn disappointed with ur games during the Olympic Finals last 2 days. Everyone know you could do 10 times better than that. We watched you play against Lee Hyun-Il and Sony. You were brilliant and fantastic. You gave your best shot but not during the finals. You were clumsy and obviously, you were under huge pressure. I cant blame you for that. It was such a waste for you to just give the GOLD medal away and let it fly to Lin Dan's hands. Just one click of you fingers.... you got the SILVER medal. Anyhow, you made our nation proud for winning back a medal. Congrats to you & also to my condolence to you. You think another 4 years time, you will be able to play again?????? Such a missed man.... I thought i could stand and sing proudly our Negaraku after you won the Badminton finals..but instead... we only sit down and listen to the China's national Anthems. So...for now all the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chong Wee said...

hmm.. don blame chong wei pls..
he's giving all his best
but lin dan was in top form that day..
and chong wei got too nervous..
feel under pressured

seriously, that wasnt a nice game
we should expect more..

thats the failure of malaysia badminton player.
they couldnt handle the pressure properly..
both are them are the best player in the world