Sunday, August 3, 2008


My dog has finally hit puberty. haha.. i told my cousin bout it and she congratulated me... ermm whats that for?? does it mean that my dog can be a mom already?? nah... not that fast la.. Oh yea.. i remember something. I went to my friend's birthday at her house and she has a pet dog which is a male named Kiki. Due to my dog's period 'fragrance' Kiki ran madly to me and grabbed my leg. At 1st i thought he was greeting me so i patted his head. To my surprise, Kiki was actually 'F*cking' my leg!! ok..let not use this word.. ermm any better word?perhaps having sex with my leg or making love with my leg or.... having pleasures with my leg?!! I shoved him off but his hands was clutching to my leg so tightly... I got to shout his name and really used up half of my strength to pull him off... wow..... what a relief!! he had finally got off my leg... i didnt know that male dogs are that desperate for sex until yesterday. Full of lust man...I want to thank God that i made the correct decision for choosing a female dog which you call it bitch... In conclusion, Bitch is actually better than male dogs...

That cloth on my dog's backside BELONGED to me last i pass the 'honour' to her.haha.

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