Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Red Crescent Committee Seniors' Farewell.

We went to the Little Cottage 2, near WaterFall yesterday for lunch. Each of us were given Maximum Rm12 for our food....and as i have predicted... the guys sure complain... yea.. i am damn right bout it...Their stomachs have unlimited spaces especially Kenny Ng. He ate 4 slices of bread, One plate of chicken chop, one plate of Fish & Chip,2 bowls of soup!! and he actually wanted to take another slice of bread from me!! No way!!..haha..have a look at this video.

The food is quite delicious. i like the tomato soup...i would give the food 6/10. The place was suppose to be closed at 3pm but we stayed there till round 3.50pm. We took lots of pictures till one of the waiters was quite annoyed with us. And they off the lights to shoo us...its a nicer way to 'halau' us out. haha...

We were waiting for Yongchin,Michelle, ShaeFang,Jocelyne and Hoayping..So we have got nth else to do than take this dumb dumb pic for fun.haha.

Woh.....Couple T-Shirt?? BUt according to Yongchin, they got this shirts from the prison. The red colour t shirt which was worn by yongchin has gotten from A HIGH CLASS prison. For the green colour, is the 2nd class prison..

Holding up their number?? it is invisible to us. They know themselves..what they did in the 'prison'

ermmmm... ==' yea.. i am sweating now..cause this pic is TOO 'HOT' for me to handle.

14 of us!! the committee members.

14 of us again.

haha! whose idea was it??

left to right: danny, pinyin & kenny.

can you spot someone behind kehjun??the unclear figure of someone?? ermm... or do i think too much?? am i hallucinating?

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