Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Avril Lavigne's concert's banned?????!!! This was the question popped out when i read the Star Newspaper yesterday...How could they do such a thing?? Do they know that we should be proud that Avril chose to have her concert in Malaysia? I as an ardent fan of Avril feel so frustrated with the PAS Youth president. This is not the 1st time they ban people from having concerts in Malaysia. And oh yea.. what was their reasons?? Because they think that Avril's pop & rock songs are not suitable for youth life style here. Last few months the PAS Youth people ban Ella and the other malay singer from performing at the Football games in Johor! Even the Sultan knows what is wrong and what is right and also the best for the country.

Don't they have other better things to do than just keep on banning concerts. Don't they know that from this concert, our country will be more well known because of the very famous singer performing at our country??? So they think that with their actions, they can save the youth?? One word..... ----> SHALLOW THINKING. I know they follow their teachings real strictly, but they should apply their teachings as time goes on... now we are already in the 21st century... they cant be acting this way... We wont be able to move forward if they keep on doing the ridiculous stuff.... THINK, THINK & THINK!!

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