Monday, August 25, 2008

Why do some women have migraines before their period?

Some people including me, get migraines every month just before my period. At times, it is quite agonizing till i need to take panadol to be able to 'rest-in-peace'.haha. I know panadol have a lot of side effects and that is why now i try not to take them for the sake of my health. I read this article from the CLEO magazine bout me suffering the migraines once a month. This article stated that this migraine has got to do with the oestrogen. Part of our period cycle involves oestrogen levels to consistently rise followed by a quick dip as progesterone levels go up..ermm.. i was a lil blur with that statement.. but after reading is for several times... i got it a lil. yea.. slow brain. Si it is during this 'oestrogen windrawal' that we are most susceptible to a menstrual migraine..... At least for now i know the reason behind this migraine thing... :P So its good to share with you people.

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