Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay!! Bingo!

With the Proton promoters.haha. They are actually the lines men for this badminton competition. From left: Kevin, Santha and Ben. yea.. i know i am wearing my sch uniform. When i was talking to the guys..many people walked pass us..eyeing me.. ermm i don't think they look at me because of my look,... is it weird to wear uniform to the stadium actually? haha.i felt kinda awkward when ppl looking at me when they passed..

Yay number 1...with Chew Choon Eng. He was once the national doubles player.Penang kaki lai..

Yay Number 2!. With Chan Chong Ming. He partnered Choon Eng. I didnt knw he can speak 'hokkien'.

Yay number 3!. with Fariz... i think his name is Fariz.. if i am not mistaken..i always cant remember his name. He is the upcoming doubles player.

Yay number 4! With Gan Teik Chai. He is a very talkative person..could not stop kacauing ppl..he could speak hokkien too! I told him his hokkien accent kinda weird for me. haha

Yay number 5! with KKK! Great player, great smile from him but Attitude like shit. Who cares?? He still got thousands of fans waiting for him...

Save the best pic here!! yay the biggest!! With Tan Boon Heong!! wah..damn happy...he is such a sweet & cute guy..

KKK & TBH in action... they won straight sweat for them.... not challenging at all the game..

ChoonEng & ChongMing fighting to win the rubber set. Their opponents are very aggressive and tough... but one of the opponents fitness level not as good as them..that is why they could win... other wise both will give a half fight.

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Shahera said...

Hai I found ur blog on google. And I was wondering, Why does KKK & Hafiz have that shit attitude ? I am really curious ? Are they really arrogant