Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Home Alone' again

Sometimes i love to be alone at home
Sometimes i hate it
At times i like to be all by myself so i can do the things i needed to without any disturbance
But at times, i like to be loud and talk to my siblings.
My mom and my sis went to Genting AGAIN.... yea... so annoying. this is the 2nd time they went without me....ok.. am i saying as if their are abandoning me. hahaa.. The truth is i myself who have made the decision of not following them... what to do exams mer.. issh. i hate it when i need to sacrifise all the things i love, love n love to do when exams coming to find me.
My brothers are always not at home.. so makes no different whether they are around or not ler... anyway.. SELAMT HARI RAYA!!! Maaf zahir dan batin to all my malay friends out there... psst.. remember to keep some rendang ayam for me yea.hahaha

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Ball at Vistana Hotel.

We attended my mom's cousin's daughter's wedding. haha..their family tree very the complicated...anyhow it is still the Lee family wedding. Our relatives hail from Hainan Island, china, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perak came all the way down to Penang. We had around 60 Lee family members yesterday. You would not have believe that!! Ranging from the aunties and uncles to the 1 year old babies. After hours of struggling to study for my trial, i finally at least could let my hair down yesterday and let go off my stress. hahahah. Funny way to describe it huh?? so look at those pics we take yesterday!! Overall it was a great and fun night! A night to be remembered.

Lee family members. ermm just a part of it only.

This one sudah jadi rojak.Hong family pun ada, Lee family, Tan.

3 of us. Nip Niy, Niy Iem, Nil Nim. figure out urself.

How lovely.haha. my cousin and his wife.

My grand uncle. Ah Kung! from China.

With my eldest Bro.

With my youngest bro.

my grand aunt from Sungai Petani.

My cousin's wife dancing with the singer (with the orange blouse).i think that singer was pretty muchh 'high' last nite.i guess she had couple of beers before her perfomance.haha.

Here goes the bride..with a big back side..oops.. i just reciting the wrong peom here. she is my 2nd cousin. we have not been seeing each other for like many years back until last nite.

Us again. haha. We grew up together and did everything together.

another part of the lee family.

another part of the Lee family.cant blame them.. there were all everywhere. haha

My mom, my uncle from Japan and my sis.

Save the last for the best!!
This is what i call family!!
This is all the small part of lee family coming all together as one.

Can u spot me?? too many ppl there..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

MELAMINE is killing ppl.

Due to the malamine crisis, we got to be more careful in choosing our dairy product. Here are some food that we usually consume in our daily life which now should not be taken.

1.M & M Snickers
2.Mentos yoghurt bottle
3. Dove chocolate
4. Oreo wafer sticks
5. Monmilk
6. Dutchlady sterilized milk
7. Wall;s all natural mango
8. Mini poppers ice cream
9.Magnum ice cream
10. Moosanwich ice cream
11. Mini cornetto
12.Youcan ice cream.

Why we should not take food which contain melamine?? what is actually a melamine??

The answer : Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer which is fire resistant and heat tolerant.
Melamine resin is known as a thermoset plastic, because the plastic is fixed after molding. If exposed to enough heat, melamine will melt. Melamine can be also made into a foam product.
I heard from other sources that melamine is commonly used to make plastic plates and bowls.
In conclusion, melamine is some kind of chemical. SO WHY DO YOU WANT TO EAT CHEMICALS??
No more time to blog these days...
because i am running out of time to finish my revision for my trial...
All i can only do now is to read people's articles and thats it!
i need to concentrate on other more important stuff now...
Blogging comes second now. haha.
Last time it used to be my first! So bye bye to blogging for 1 month and half.
See you again in another 1 month & half, blog... :P haha.. take care!

Monday, September 22, 2008

1.Can $$$ buy LOVE?
2. Can $$$ buy friendship?
3. Can $$$ buy everything in this world???
4. DO you rather want a higher salary but you hate the job or lower salary but you love the job??

What do you think?? You answer youself. :P take care & chaoz...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paraolympic Spirit.

We complain everytime, everyday, every seconds about our looks. We complained that we are too fat, we complain we are too short, we complain that our eyes are too tiny, we complain that our legs are fat... the list goes on and on. Take a look at those pics taken during the paraolympic this year. This may at least show us that we should be pleased, contented and happy with what we have and what we are today. This games have shown me that no matter what happens in our life, we should over come our problems with strong heart and perseverance. Never give up! Fight till the last min and to the last second.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tribal Tribune

Girls watched out!! this piece of article is for you but if the guys insist of wanting to read this article then go ahead.. you can spread this to your love ones. My eldest bro passed me this Toyota so called 'small newspaper'---> The Tribal Tribune. he told me the pieces of information might come handy to me one day. who knows... I know all of us - girls love to shop! shop, shop & shop. Everyone when we spot our 'target' we will jump up high in the air and will go straight to the fitting room to try those. Very few of us are aware bout the surrounding in the tiny fitting room. Do you know we actually can find out whether there is any hidden camera in the fitting room??? Just use a toilet roll tube and a flashlight. According to 'The Tribal Tribune', put the toilet roll tube to one eye and shine the flashlight around. When you detect a glint of light in the wall.... it has comfirm that there is a hidden camera. For more information. go to this web site. www.tribetoyota.com.my

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yo... to all Dudes! I am counted as 'present' at school today! I skipped school on last Friday and also Monday. Yea.. we do that everytime when Exams are just around the corner. *wink*. Its like a tradition for us. During our MUET period with Mr.Roger, he told us that he actually did gives us a compliment about our colourful yet striking personalities. All were obviously surprised that he could say that... and we went 'HUH??' with our mouth hanging wide open. After seeing our reaction, his face turned sour.

Mr.Roger: What?? U all do not think i could have actually praise you??

Well, what i wanted to say is... thanks a lot for giving us this flattering remark! It touched our heart deeply. :P And bout the King Kong... Forget bout ur BLOODY ex-students whom had called you that name.. but honestly... that name sounds quite cute for you. Mark my words... KK sounds cute for you BUT you definitely DO NOT BELONG IN the KING KONG FAMILY ok??? You are a normal Human with 'big bones'.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

~~STPM is coming to town~~

I still have 1 month and a half to really finish my revision.
Not Long,
No more hanging out with friends in the malls,
No more siau siau in the class (but i still do it.)
No more online, updating my blog (again...i m too tempted)
No more watching Movies at the cinema but at home still can lar..
Stress, stress & stress........
Sweat, sweat & sweat.........
I cant wait until Dec 4th arrives to see us
Then I will be able to shout MERDEKA! Independence Day!!
But at the same time.. i will be missing all my friends in F6
I m not doubting about it
All those memories in F6 are worth keeping.
So in the end.... All the best to myself and all my friends taking their major examination!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yay!! We will be celebrating 'The Mooncake Festival' today!! with my family members & relatives at my aunt's house.. she lives 1 floor above me only.. easy for us. haha. We will be having steamboat at the penthouse where it is open air and you can see nearly the whole penang! what a remarkable view at night! But i got to pray hard that it wont rain tonight.. or else we will stuck in indoor without the dark blue sky full with shimmering stars... *crossing my fingers real tight now*. hehe. It have been quite some time since we had gatherings at the penthouse... let me see... ermm almost a year and a half. So i am pretty much anticipate with it!Lanterns and also moonncakes coming to town!! I am very sorry that i cant join my classmates at the stay over at Sri Sayang today to celebrate this festive... i got to be with my family members... have fun! take care. and most of all Happy Mooncake festival. To pauline, gimyen, singrou, elizabeth and michele, happy mooncake festival.

Miss Astro Chinese pageant disaster.

I got bored so my hand decided to grab the tv remote control and press the 311 button... Wah Lai Toi channel! The programme i was watching was the Miss Astro Chinese pageant audition round... One word to describe the audition- DISASTER! Disaster bout the reality show means nth bout the looks of the participants... because i do not want to comment on people's look too much as i always have this in mind---> 'Everyone has their own way of beauty'. The problem was, most of the participants didnt even get ready for this huge competition! Some even came to the audition room wearing sports shoes! what the heck. ==' . "Hello.... knock knock..This is Miss Astro Chinese Pageant audition not the audition for the 100m run.."

Judges: 'Why are you wearing sports shoes to this place?'
The 'sport' shoe girl: ermm. because i like wearing casual and love wearing sport shoes.

I could sense that all the judges were visibly irritable with them. Why wouldn't they? Many of them appeared into the room without any make up on with their 'bad-hair-day'. The show's host, Angelia interviewed one of the girls asking them the reasons why she didnt put on any make-up. she answered bubbly... 'I dont like to put make up and i am not used to it. besides i think without make up is what i call natural beauty.'

One of the rules of this competition is, they must demonstrate their talents in front of the judges. Sad to say that... more than half of the participants didnt even ready for that. They gave all sorts of excuses which really made the judges to put on their sour faces.

Sigh.... what are those ladies thinking??? Didnt they know that it is a Beauty Pageant?? Didnt they know bout the rules?? Do you know what other countries will say when they watch this audition????

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Simple Plan.

I can't bite my tongue forever
While you try to play it cool
You can hide behind your stories
But don't take me for a fool

You can tell me that there's nobody else
(But I feel it)
You can tell me that you're home by yourself
(But I see it)
You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want
But I know
Your love is just a lie
It's nothing but a lie

You look so innocent
But the guilt in your voice gives you away
Yeah you know what I mean
How does it feel when you kiss when you know that i trust you
And do you think about me when he fucks you?
Could you be more obscene?

So dont try to say you're sorry
Or try to make it right
Don't waste your breath because it's too late, it's too late.

You can tell me that there's nobody else
(But I feel it)
You can tell me that you're home by yourself
(But I see it)
You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want
But I know, I know,
Your love is just a lie
It's nothing but a lie
You're nothing but a lie

You can tell me that there's nobody else
(But I feel it)
You can tell me that you're home by yourself
(But I see it)
You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want
But I know, I know
Your love is just a lie
I know you're nothing but a lie

Honestly when i look at those mooncakes, my appetite will automatically drift away. There are so different from the original looking mooncakes. Even the colours freak me out! They look more like the 'siew mai' in one of those dim sum house to me...i imagine myself eating those colourful so called mooncakes... and i predict them to be very very SWEET. Last but not least... buy ORIGINAL Mooncakes! HAppy Mooncake Festival guys!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Reason

The reason I choose to delete my previous post is mainly because I do not want to create a controversy in my blog. A blog to me is a medium where I can freely express my point of view or opinion about anything. Of course, I need to admit that I might have overreacted in my previous post. It is because the piece was written at the time when I was extremely annoyed. However, now that I’ve regained my rationality, I opt to delete the post and explain myself here.

But, wait a minute! I don’t think that it is right for me to shoulder all the blame. As a matter of fact, I did not play with stories or try to drum up the whole issue. I am merely stating my own stand…Is that against the law? No, right? Anyway, I’m confused now.. I wonder if I had done the wrong thing by being straight forward? Besides that, i didnt even state THE NAME... how well do ppl know it is the person i am talking about? i have hundreds of friends that i can write about.

I’m also disappointed as well..

Anyhow, I’ve learnt my lesson. It is undeniable that I’m living in this realistic world and there are more challenges that lie ahead for me in the future.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got to be very straight forward here. I DO NOT like people with NO MANNERS. Since i was young, i was nurtured to be polite and courteous. Maybe this is because i am used to it already. When some people talk to me without using the simplest yet meaningful words like 'please', 'may i', 'thank you', 'can i', this will definitely make me feel frustrated for real. Imagine a person asking a favour from her/his friends without saying PLEASE? Wont that sound like you are ORDERING your friends to do it & it is their DUTY to do it for you?

To me, even all the adults should also know how to use and when to use all those words when needed.... they should set a good example for the younger generations. If the rude person does not have those well-mannered words, then pls key in the words in your 'dictionary' for God's sake. Those words will come very handy when you are in the business world. I remember watching one of the episodes of 'The Apprentice', a reality show by Donald Trump, one of the guys were in the board room discussing who will be fired and that guy was saying some stupid joke which was very very rude. He said it was only a joke but obviously it was a very lame thing to do as he got himself down graded... it was like he was challenging his own dignity. He was eventually fired and the reason was.... HE WAS RUDE. See....this is why it is very crucial to be POLITE ALL THE TIME. It shows who are you for the 1st impression. First impression counts a lot!

No Play Play


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fairy Tale.

Let me tell u guys about a fairy tale created by me! Let me introduce you to all my characters in this story. They are the Madu (means Honey), Semut (means ant), Lebah (means Bee), Semut Jantan (means the male ant @ the ant with 2 balls). Once upon a time, madu met Semut in Malaysia. Both of them immediately fell in love and they started to be a lovely couple for several years.

As you all know, each of our love life are full with obstacles and problems that needed to be solved. This is what happened during the madu & semut's courtship. Let me move in the new characters. Madu met Lebah while Semut met Semut Jantan. Both of their meeting was taken place at different places in Malaysia. Lebah started to have feelings for Madu and Lebah sacrified alot for Madu. On the other hand, Semut Jantan @ Semut with 2 balls likes Semut too. How their relationship blossom... i will not tell u here... cause fairy tale should be short & nice. but one thing i should tell you is, Madu does not have any special feelings towards Lebah because Madu is a very loyal person.

Lets make this easy.... Now 2 characters which are Lebah and Semut Like Madu a lot. So both of them battled it out for the sake of having the Madu as their partner.

The results was... since Lebah's size is much more bigger than the size of the semut... Lebah won the 'cat fight'. Lebah successfully seized Madu from semut.

In the end.... you might think that Madu & Lebah were together but Madu had hold his stand firmly saying that he still did not have any feelings for Lebah... pity Lebah... So this is what happened in the end of the story... scroll down and take a look at the picture. Semut was lonely and be together with the Semut Jantan....

you know lar... each fairy tale has its own moral stories... The moral of this story is, do not be so good to ur partner when ur partner is not loyal to u.... :P enjoy. The truth is, this fairy tale is actually based on a true life story... i just made the characters up. :P

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ali Lohan Vs Lindsay Lohan

I recently just watched the one of the top reality shows in US...it is none other than --> Living With Lohan. This hot reality show is all about the daily lives of Ali Lohan -it is pronounce as 'Ally' not the intonation of Bahasa Melayu... ALI.- & her family..yea.. u should be wondering why i said it is all bout Ali Lohan and not Lindsay. Lindsay is some where away from home, recording her new album & also shooting new film and oh yea... and also spending quality time with her soon- to- wedd partner, DJ Samantha.

I have learn tru this show that Ali has just finished r
ecording her new single-All the Way Around after overcoming so much obstalces. At first, she chose Jeremy's song and then after a few hours of practising in the studio, she said the song was not suitable for her voice as the song sounded more like a 'guy' song. It was a nerve wrecking for Ali to tell Jeremy bout it... yea.. of course la... she is only a 14 year old teenager. I pity her mom and also Ali's manager. She had to call Jeremy and explained and not to forget apologising to him. Jeremy was so pissed off... So lets come to the actual point! Ali's new single - All the Way Around is very catchy, awesome beating plus it suits her voice. Big voice she has for a 14 year old...Her voice is way better than Lindsay! but bout her acting, i am not sure yet who is better. Ali will be taking the lead role of TROLL which due to be relased this year end. Honestly she sounds and also looks like she is elder than me! hahahaah...

CHECK THIS OUT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7Ym75U_5b8

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I know it is bad to do this, but i could not help it.

Eeping, u also have got to do with this art work... do not go telling Mr.Roger that it was only me who drew this. haha. We did this during one of our lessons when we got so so bored and sleepy. Eeping punched me, pinched me, whacked me... but my eyelids are still so heavy to open up. So...finally, what we did was, we start drawing the Wall -E characters on my notes. I wanted to draw those cartoons on eeping's notes but she refused!

One of the scenes where Wall E the one on the left used the umbrella to shade Eve.


I drew Eve & Ping drew Wall E

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr.Roger wake up!

It was damn hilarious when our MUET sir -Mr.Roger told us that he went to the wrong place to catch the National Day parade. He eventually went to esplanade when the parade was taken place at QueensBay. He drove all the way to esplanade hoping to catch a glance of the celebration but he was let down! pity him. sir... now Penang sudah upgraded d...after Lim Guan Eng took over... Now functions no longer at esplanade. It has changed to Queens Bay. haha.

I could feel how mr.Roger undergo that day. Imagine.. him driving in high spirit and when he was about to reach esplanade... no traffic jam, the traffic flow was smooth as ever..

How come??? Good one! i sure got plenty of spaces to park... Later, he a question struck him. How come all
Penangites all so lazy wan... nobody wants to watch the parade?? all only enjoy the public holiday by sleeping till noon.... Pity ah sir.....

Of course no one there la...!!! all in Queens Bay. haha....

Earn money tru blog?

I also want to earn money tru blogging!!!!!! yea.. i got influenced by CheangEePing lor..She kept on bugging me to click on the advertisements at her blog so that she can earns the S double Stroke. Now it stayed permanently in my head.... those words...

' i want to earn money!! i want to earn money !!'.

I wanted to put up the advertisements at my blog but i dunno how to do it.. waiting for miss piggyping to teach me but i was always busy with something else when she was ready to teach me.... i guess it is really HARD to earn as much as the other bloggers do like XiaXue & Kennysia for instance. Plus, the money will only increase if your blog readers click on it...So am i going to ORDER each of my blog reader to do that so that i can earn up as much as XiaXue does??? Am i that nuts?? maybe... all because of the $$!! haha...or u call it the MONEY POWER!