Friday, September 5, 2008

Ali Lohan Vs Lindsay Lohan

I recently just watched the one of the top reality shows in is none other than --> Living With Lohan. This hot reality show is all about the daily lives of Ali Lohan -it is pronounce as 'Ally' not the intonation of Bahasa Melayu... ALI.- & her family..yea.. u should be wondering why i said it is all bout Ali Lohan and not Lindsay. Lindsay is some where away from home, recording her new album & also shooting new film and oh yea... and also spending quality time with her soon- to- wedd partner, DJ Samantha.

I have learn tru this show that Ali has just finished r
ecording her new single-All the Way Around after overcoming so much obstalces. At first, she chose Jeremy's song and then after a few hours of practising in the studio, she said the song was not suitable for her voice as the song sounded more like a 'guy' song. It was a nerve wrecking for Ali to tell Jeremy bout it... yea.. of course la... she is only a 14 year old teenager. I pity her mom and also Ali's manager. She had to call Jeremy and explained and not to forget apologising to him. Jeremy was so pissed off... So lets come to the actual point! Ali's new single - All the Way Around is very catchy, awesome beating plus it suits her voice. Big voice she has for a 14 year old...Her voice is way better than Lindsay! but bout her acting, i am not sure yet who is better. Ali will be taking the lead role of TROLL which due to be relased this year end. Honestly she sounds and also looks like she is elder than me! hahahaah...


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