Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Earn money tru blog?

I also want to earn money tru blogging!!!!!! yea.. i got influenced by CheangEePing lor..She kept on bugging me to click on the advertisements at her blog so that she can earns the S double Stroke. Now it stayed permanently in my head.... those words...

' i want to earn money!! i want to earn money !!'.

I wanted to put up the advertisements at my blog but i dunno how to do it.. waiting for miss piggyping to teach me but i was always busy with something else when she was ready to teach me.... i guess it is really HARD to earn as much as the other bloggers do like XiaXue & Kennysia for instance. Plus, the money will only increase if your blog readers click on it...So am i going to ORDER each of my blog reader to do that so that i can earn up as much as XiaXue does??? Am i that nuts?? maybe... all because of the $$!! haha...or u call it the MONEY POWER!

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