Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fairy Tale.

Let me tell u guys about a fairy tale created by me! Let me introduce you to all my characters in this story. They are the Madu (means Honey), Semut (means ant), Lebah (means Bee), Semut Jantan (means the male ant @ the ant with 2 balls). Once upon a time, madu met Semut in Malaysia. Both of them immediately fell in love and they started to be a lovely couple for several years.

As you all know, each of our love life are full with obstacles and problems that needed to be solved. This is what happened during the madu & semut's courtship. Let me move in the new characters. Madu met Lebah while Semut met Semut Jantan. Both of their meeting was taken place at different places in Malaysia. Lebah started to have feelings for Madu and Lebah sacrified alot for Madu. On the other hand, Semut Jantan @ Semut with 2 balls likes Semut too. How their relationship blossom... i will not tell u here... cause fairy tale should be short & nice. but one thing i should tell you is, Madu does not have any special feelings towards Lebah because Madu is a very loyal person.

Lets make this easy.... Now 2 characters which are Lebah and Semut Like Madu a lot. So both of them battled it out for the sake of having the Madu as their partner.

The results was... since Lebah's size is much more bigger than the size of the semut... Lebah won the 'cat fight'. Lebah successfully seized Madu from semut.

In the end.... you might think that Madu & Lebah were together but Madu had hold his stand firmly saying that he still did not have any feelings for Lebah... pity Lebah... So this is what happened in the end of the story... scroll down and take a look at the picture. Semut was lonely and be together with the Semut Jantan....

you know lar... each fairy tale has its own moral stories... The moral of this story is, do not be so good to ur partner when ur partner is not loyal to u.... :P enjoy. The truth is, this fairy tale is actually based on a true life story... i just made the characters up. :P

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