Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Home Alone' again

Sometimes i love to be alone at home
Sometimes i hate it
At times i like to be all by myself so i can do the things i needed to without any disturbance
But at times, i like to be loud and talk to my siblings.
My mom and my sis went to Genting AGAIN.... yea... so annoying. this is the 2nd time they went without me....ok.. am i saying as if their are abandoning me. hahaa.. The truth is i myself who have made the decision of not following them... what to do exams mer.. issh. i hate it when i need to sacrifise all the things i love, love n love to do when exams coming to find me.
My brothers are always not at home.. so makes no different whether they are around or not ler... anyway.. SELAMT HARI RAYA!!! Maaf zahir dan batin to all my malay friends out there... psst.. remember to keep some rendang ayam for me yea.hahaha

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