Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got to be very straight forward here. I DO NOT like people with NO MANNERS. Since i was young, i was nurtured to be polite and courteous. Maybe this is because i am used to it already. When some people talk to me without using the simplest yet meaningful words like 'please', 'may i', 'thank you', 'can i', this will definitely make me feel frustrated for real. Imagine a person asking a favour from her/his friends without saying PLEASE? Wont that sound like you are ORDERING your friends to do it & it is their DUTY to do it for you?

To me, even all the adults should also know how to use and when to use all those words when needed.... they should set a good example for the younger generations. If the rude person does not have those well-mannered words, then pls key in the words in your 'dictionary' for God's sake. Those words will come very handy when you are in the business world. I remember watching one of the episodes of 'The Apprentice', a reality show by Donald Trump, one of the guys were in the board room discussing who will be fired and that guy was saying some stupid joke which was very very rude. He said it was only a joke but obviously it was a very lame thing to do as he got himself down graded... it was like he was challenging his own dignity. He was eventually fired and the reason was.... HE WAS RUDE. See....this is why it is very crucial to be POLITE ALL THE TIME. It shows who are you for the 1st impression. First impression counts a lot!

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