Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miss Astro Chinese pageant disaster.

I got bored so my hand decided to grab the tv remote control and press the 311 button... Wah Lai Toi channel! The programme i was watching was the Miss Astro Chinese pageant audition round... One word to describe the audition- DISASTER! Disaster bout the reality show means nth bout the looks of the participants... because i do not want to comment on people's look too much as i always have this in mind---> 'Everyone has their own way of beauty'. The problem was, most of the participants didnt even get ready for this huge competition! Some even came to the audition room wearing sports shoes! what the heck. ==' . "Hello.... knock knock..This is Miss Astro Chinese Pageant audition not the audition for the 100m run.."

Judges: 'Why are you wearing sports shoes to this place?'
The 'sport' shoe girl: ermm. because i like wearing casual and love wearing sport shoes.

I could sense that all the judges were visibly irritable with them. Why wouldn't they? Many of them appeared into the room without any make up on with their 'bad-hair-day'. The show's host, Angelia interviewed one of the girls asking them the reasons why she didnt put on any make-up. she answered bubbly... 'I dont like to put make up and i am not used to it. besides i think without make up is what i call natural beauty.'

One of the rules of this competition is, they must demonstrate their talents in front of the judges. Sad to say that... more than half of the participants didnt even ready for that. They gave all sorts of excuses which really made the judges to put on their sour faces.

Sigh.... what are those ladies thinking??? Didnt they know that it is a Beauty Pageant?? Didnt they know bout the rules?? Do you know what other countries will say when they watch this audition????

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