Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr.Roger wake up!

It was damn hilarious when our MUET sir -Mr.Roger told us that he went to the wrong place to catch the National Day parade. He eventually went to esplanade when the parade was taken place at QueensBay. He drove all the way to esplanade hoping to catch a glance of the celebration but he was let down! pity him. sir... now Penang sudah upgraded d...after Lim Guan Eng took over... Now functions no longer at esplanade. It has changed to Queens Bay. haha.

I could feel how mr.Roger undergo that day. Imagine.. him driving in high spirit and when he was about to reach esplanade... no traffic jam, the traffic flow was smooth as ever..

How come??? Good one! i sure got plenty of spaces to park... Later, he a question struck him. How come all
Penangites all so lazy wan... nobody wants to watch the parade?? all only enjoy the public holiday by sleeping till noon.... Pity ah sir.....

Of course no one there la...!!! all in Queens Bay. haha....

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