Sunday, September 14, 2008

~~STPM is coming to town~~

I still have 1 month and a half to really finish my revision.
Not Long,
No more hanging out with friends in the malls,
No more siau siau in the class (but i still do it.)
No more online, updating my blog (again...i m too tempted)
No more watching Movies at the cinema but at home still can lar..
Stress, stress & stress........
Sweat, sweat & sweat.........
I cant wait until Dec 4th arrives to see us
Then I will be able to shout MERDEKA! Independence Day!!
But at the same time.. i will be missing all my friends in F6
I m not doubting about it
All those memories in F6 are worth keeping.
So in the end.... All the best to myself and all my friends taking their major examination!!

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KenZiK said...

Ai Ia Ka Chiak Eh Ia la