Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tribal Tribune

Girls watched out!! this piece of article is for you but if the guys insist of wanting to read this article then go ahead.. you can spread this to your love ones. My eldest bro passed me this Toyota so called 'small newspaper'---> The Tribal Tribune. he told me the pieces of information might come handy to me one day. who knows... I know all of us - girls love to shop! shop, shop & shop. Everyone when we spot our 'target' we will jump up high in the air and will go straight to the fitting room to try those. Very few of us are aware bout the surrounding in the tiny fitting room. Do you know we actually can find out whether there is any hidden camera in the fitting room??? Just use a toilet roll tube and a flashlight. According to 'The Tribal Tribune', put the toilet roll tube to one eye and shine the flashlight around. When you detect a glint of light in the wall.... it has comfirm that there is a hidden camera. For more information. go to this web site.

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