Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Ball at Vistana Hotel.

We attended my mom's cousin's daughter's wedding. haha..their family tree very the complicated...anyhow it is still the Lee family wedding. Our relatives hail from Hainan Island, china, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perak came all the way down to Penang. We had around 60 Lee family members yesterday. You would not have believe that!! Ranging from the aunties and uncles to the 1 year old babies. After hours of struggling to study for my trial, i finally at least could let my hair down yesterday and let go off my stress. hahahah. Funny way to describe it huh?? so look at those pics we take yesterday!! Overall it was a great and fun night! A night to be remembered.

Lee family members. ermm just a part of it only.

This one sudah jadi rojak.Hong family pun ada, Lee family, Tan.

3 of us. Nip Niy, Niy Iem, Nil Nim. figure out urself.

How lovely.haha. my cousin and his wife.

My grand uncle. Ah Kung! from China.

With my eldest Bro.

With my youngest bro.

my grand aunt from Sungai Petani.

My cousin's wife dancing with the singer (with the orange blouse).i think that singer was pretty muchh 'high' last nite.i guess she had couple of beers before her perfomance.haha.

Here goes the bride..with a big back side..oops.. i just reciting the wrong peom here. she is my 2nd cousin. we have not been seeing each other for like many years back until last nite.

Us again. haha. We grew up together and did everything together.

another part of the lee family.

another part of the Lee family.cant blame them.. there were all everywhere. haha

My mom, my uncle from Japan and my sis.

Save the last for the best!!
This is what i call family!!
This is all the small part of lee family coming all together as one.

Can u spot me?? too many ppl there..

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