Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yay!! We will be celebrating 'The Mooncake Festival' today!! with my family members & relatives at my aunt's house.. she lives 1 floor above me only.. easy for us. haha. We will be having steamboat at the penthouse where it is open air and you can see nearly the whole penang! what a remarkable view at night! But i got to pray hard that it wont rain tonight.. or else we will stuck in indoor without the dark blue sky full with shimmering stars... *crossing my fingers real tight now*. hehe. It have been quite some time since we had gatherings at the penthouse... let me see... ermm almost a year and a half. So i am pretty much anticipate with it!Lanterns and also moonncakes coming to town!! I am very sorry that i cant join my classmates at the stay over at Sri Sayang today to celebrate this festive... i got to be with my family members... have fun! take care. and most of all Happy Mooncake festival. To pauline, gimyen, singrou, elizabeth and michele, happy mooncake festival.

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KenZiK said...

wow! classmates only, no me d . haiz......kek sim nia