Monday, September 15, 2008

Yo... to all Dudes! I am counted as 'present' at school today! I skipped school on last Friday and also Monday. Yea.. we do that everytime when Exams are just around the corner. *wink*. Its like a tradition for us. During our MUET period with Mr.Roger, he told us that he actually did gives us a compliment about our colourful yet striking personalities. All were obviously surprised that he could say that... and we went 'HUH??' with our mouth hanging wide open. After seeing our reaction, his face turned sour.

Mr.Roger: What?? U all do not think i could have actually praise you??

Well, what i wanted to say is... thanks a lot for giving us this flattering remark! It touched our heart deeply. :P And bout the King Kong... Forget bout ur BLOODY ex-students whom had called you that name.. but honestly... that name sounds quite cute for you. Mark my words... KK sounds cute for you BUT you definitely DO NOT BELONG IN the KING KONG FAMILY ok??? You are a normal Human with 'big bones'.

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