Friday, October 31, 2008

31st October

Today, we girls went out from school again...ehem..breaking the school rules for the last time! today is FLYDAY! means we can fly as high as we want to because it is our last day at school. We went to Baskin Robbins to buy ice cream! 31% discount.

6 spoons indicated we tried 6 types flavor. 6 ONLY ok...but the worker was kinda annoyed with us, throwing us a dirty look each time we wanna try the ice cream. hahaha...but its kinda fun to tease her. OUr Utility sut increased.

back to school. 11 ppl sharing One quarter box of ice cream?? It is definitely fun!!Cost around RM33 something.

OUr very own marketing campaign for Baskin Robbins. Since Halloween has just finished, we used this idea to promote baskin robbins to the nation! Eat till you drop!! nah.. you will NEVER drop. the ice cream is as tasteful as the heaven. :P

Low quality spectacles.

This is so weird! Don't you think that it is so unreasonable for a boss from a Spectacles Shop blaming their customers for their own low quality goods?? My sis bought a pair of new latest trend spectacles from the shop, opposite Sun Shine Farlim, Penang -- MASTER OPTIC SDN BHD for RM300. RM300 is consider quite expensive for me because i bought mine approximately RM200 last year. My sis hesitated on buying the specs due to the price at 1st but i told her it should be worth it as she will be wearing it EVERYDAY. She bought it at last. After 2 weeks, she accidentally dropped her specs from the piano and guess what happen? A small part of the lense has cracked with some tiny lines. This should not be happening for a RM300 specs.

She went back to that shop and ask them to repair it. One of the workers told us that, the specs must have been dropped and CRASHED to the floor roughly. The truth was, the height of the piano is barely reaching my waist. And i do dropped my specs occasionally...NOTHING happen....still fine as ever. Yea.. i told that guy bout this.. but he still did not want to admit that their stuff are LOW QUALITY. So, he repaired the specs. While he was in the process of amending the specs, a customer came in and i over heard the conversation between the boss and that customer... i was not eaves dropping ok..... they happened to talk very 'loudly'.

Customer A: My specs's frame came off. I just bought this 2 months ago.
Boss: oh.... it must have been you SWEAT. must be too salty till it loosen the screw.

I was like... 'what the hell?!' This is the 1st time i have ever heard such nonsensical reason. Blame on ur customer's sweat? I wear my specs to school practically everyday and i didnt really wash it everyday but still NOTHING happen. I even accidentally sat on my specs few times... NOTHING happen. I was undeniably pissed off with that shop and i swear that i will not come to that shop ever again. Once bitten, twice shy

Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 days 2 nights stay at Park Royal Hotel

I got to stay at Park Royal Hotel for few nights with my sis and my mom.
I rate this hotel room 7/10.
I rate 8/10 for their hospitality,
7/10 for their food
7/10 for their surroundings
and lastly 7/10 for their facilities.
One night cost RM350 for Deluxe Room with King size bed,
a plasma TV, Spectacular View from the balcony, Great Bath Tub

The entire room.

On the way to the balcony.

A coffee table at the balcony

The view from the balcony.

Chocolate for the complimentary.

at the beach where people camp there.

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Find any mistakes???


Here goes my story. Last saturday when i woke up, my right ear got blocked. I did not feel good so my mom took me to consult a doctor opposite Union Primary School. My mom actually wanted to take me to her company doctor but coincidentally that doctor was on leave. Its was definitely not a wise choice but who will ever predict that! Dr.Chua examined my throat, nose and ear.

When he checked my throat, he said 'oh... madam..look at ur daughter's throat. Inflammation. Its abnormal.'

ok... i got to admit that i was a lil shaken when he said tat 'abnormal' word.

Later he said 'Young paper like you should not have this problem u know, it is not a good sign that your ear got affected. if it were your nose & throat..then its not that serious'.

My mom asked him what are the causes that made my ear got block and have the echo sound. He replied, 'Oh..there are a lot of causes and one of them is -TUMOR'. That strucked me straight to my heart. I started to perspire.... He said i need to do X-Ray to comfirm. At the end of the check up, my mom needed to forked out RM250. I was worried like hell throughout this 5 days!!!!!! I was so depressed and i didnt talk at all for the past few days. That made my whole family and friends worried. I am very sorry that i put on my sour face for these few days and i didnt mean to do that.

On the very same day, i went to my form teacher's house with my friends to pay her a surprise visit. She told me that Dr.Chua is famous for wanting to earn EXTRA $$ and his 'hobby' is to operate. She advised me to consult another doctor for confirmation. I did as she told me. So i went to Dr.Yee's clinic (my mom's company doctor) on monday. He told me nothing serious bout my ear and diagnose that my tube Eustachian got blocked.

Today is the day i should go back to Dr.Chua's SPECIALIST CENTRE for further check ups and to collect my X ray but i didnt go. I was too 'coward' to go. My elder brother and sis went instead. waiting at home was not an enjoyable moment. I started to think all those negative stuff and that was damn excrusiating!!!! That 40 mins at home... really stressed me out! I kept on eyeing my hand phone, waiting for my brother to call. He then called me, he said nothing serious. The X ray results showed that my tube Eustachian got block by some liquid thats why i heard echo. I was so f*cking relief!!! and darn that bloody doctor chua.

His reputation as a doctor has been shaky. My mom's friend said that her baby suffered flu years ago and she consulted that doctor, he said must under-go operation. Luckily, my mom's friend didnt follow his instruction and she let her baby took some cord liver oil instead. In the end she healed. I still do not understand why his clinic is still standing STRONG after what he did.... I thought doctors' priority is to save people's life. but............. Dr.Chua's actions, showed me that i was being too naive all the time. Maybe some doctors are hypnotize by $$.
I just want to thank all my friends and family members who have supported me with positive words and encouragements. THANK YOU

Sunday, October 26, 2008

As we grow older and older each day, we need to make choices out of the problems and also the roads we have. Sometimes, i do not know what i shall choose, in order to have the best decisions. You will hear different opinions on certain stuff which make you more in the difficult situations. There will be a point when you will stand in a T junction, you will either go straight, right or left. And that situation really sucks to the max. I do not know what i should do. and here goes million of questions coming into you head at ONE time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Puan Sabariah @ our Sayang's house for Jamuan makan. Yesterday was her baby's 1 month old. Her baby daughter name SARA ALIM. What a sweet name although it is a very common name. What bout our list of names which have given to her??? -- andrea. haha. We spent around 40 mins just to reach her house thanks to gim hong & wengjin for regconising her 'avanza'. Her relatives was there including her husband's sister. Her marriage with her chinese husband have actually bought the malays and the chinese closer.

Awwh.... pn.sabariah's lil princess.

Pn.sabariah with her baby.

Our papa no.1 - GimHong.i think he was a lil bit nervous when he was carrying sara.haha

Papa no.2 - Wengjin. hahah. he was too feeling nervous.

She looked so serene.

Here goes the 'big mama'. breas feeding sara?? haha

Group pic!

That baby is our very own malaysian's future super star. he just knows how to smile when the camera was in front of him. his name is Dinish. eeping..he is Dinish not DAnny.

The woman with red blouse is pn.sabariah's sister and also dinish's mom

Big mama and dinish having their fun time.

But then......i think our big mama was too big for lil dinish....

We waved good bye to pn.sabariah at 3pm and we made our way to Queensbay mall. The guys went into the 'bolders book shop'.

wengjin so 'pia' for his stpm. he even sat down to study....geng.. but as we got closer.. we saw this.

Me with ping

Save the last pic for the best.... the FANTASTIC 4?? or the FABULOUS 4?? Or the FLOWER 4??

we were on our way home form Queensbay, i suggested to find pn.loo, our class teacher first because her house is some where nearby USM. We thought it was very easy to find her place. BUt we were deadly wrong! to find her house, we must go through the mazes first...... At the end of the day... we found it worth it as we got to talk with our beloved teacher for around 2 hours! @ techers's houses in one day??? Superb!

Friday, October 24, 2008

One thing just came across my mind. Its bout Humbleness. Yes... Humbleness. Who ever or what ever a person will turn into in the future... they must be humble. No matter how high u achieve or how far you may go, we got to be modest in everything we do... who knows one day we could have torn apart. A day when we need our friends to support us but no one to be seen. You might wonder why isnt anyone here for me?? Go back to ur 'history' & recall what have you done to make them treat u this way. Do not always think that you will FOREVER successful, there will be times when we would fail on certain stuff. Nothing in this world is FOREVER except the love i have for my family members and my beloved friends...the others... nah... SO lets be HUMBLE!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I went back from school earlier today.
This will be the 2nd time i am doing it. XD yea...
breaking school rules?? I do not care much for now.
Business paper2 was pretty tough compare with the last few exams...
i told myself this.. 'pinyin ...wat do u expect?? it is a trial paper...not monthly test.'
I was in dilemma for choosing the CORRECT questions to answer.
I have wasted around 5 mins to do that....
Damn tired now after the 3 hours of excruciating moment.
I wanted to pee but i could not,
my butt felt so numb,wanna move it also could not,
Felt hungry,wanna eat also could not
all i could do was, drink MORE and MORE water,
I was sweating away when i was doing my paper so i asked Pn.loo to switch to the 'bigger' no.
I didnt know that SingGhee was shivering under the fan.oopss!! sorry!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear, Elizabeth

Happy finally 19th birthday to you!!
Have a great birthday with you beloved ones at Australia. So sorry tat we cant celebrate for you this year...hahaha..but if u did not mind 'a belated' bday then we might do it for you in Penang. :P enjoy your birthday as much as you enjoy you ballroom dancing! take care.

This cake has been couriered to you!! remember to check you post! hahah.

This cutie lil puppy is for you! to teman u at australia.hahahaha- u must like it! no options n do not complain my bday present ok?? hahha
Dear Rou Rou...

Happy finally 19th birthday to you!!
Have a great birthday and we are sorry that we cant celebrate with u this year again. Hope your birthday wishes will be granted. you can give me some of ur wishes if u didnt mind. cause i need to wait till next year...but at that time i will be 20. aiks.. no longer a teenager ok.. sad case.

*Ps: please look out for your post next week..... not this week. :P

This cake is for you.i know this pic looks like it have been drawn by a kid but i always remember u want everything to be K.I.S.S

This mercedes Benz is for you..its a very damn expensive present ok? even pauline does not have this for her present. haha. appreciate it without any words. :P

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jay chou- Dao Xiang.

dui zhe ge shi jie ru guo ni you tai duo de bao yuan

对 这 个 世 界 如 果 你 有 太 多 的 抱 怨

If you have too many complain in this world

die dao le jiu bu gan ji xu wang qian zou

跌 倒 了 就 不 敢 继 续 往 前 走

Once fall down, you won't have a courage to move forward

wei shen me ren yao zhe me de cui ruo duo luo

为 什 么 人 要 这 么 的 脆 弱 堕 落

Why does human so fragile

qing ni da kai dian shi kan kan

请 你 打 开 电 视 看 看

Please switch on the TV and watch

duo shao ren wei sheng ming zai nu li yong gan de zou xia qu

多 少 人 为 生 命 在 努 力 勇 敢 的 走 下 去

How many people try hard and brave to move forward just because of living�

wo men shi bu shi gai zhi zu

我 们 是 不 是 该 知 足

Shouldn't we feel enough

zhen xi yi qie jiu suan mei you yong you

珍 惜 一 切 就 算 没 有 拥 有

Treasure what you have now, even you have nothing you actually own everything�

huan ji de ni shuo jia shi wei yi de cheng bao

还 记 得 你 说 家 是 唯 一 的 城 堡

Remember back then you said home is the only castle

sui zhu dao xiang he liu ji xu ben pao

随 著 稻 香 河 流 继 续 奔 跑

Fragrance rice, as the river continue flowing

wei wei xiao xiao shi hou de meng wo zhi dao

微 微 笑 小 时 候 的 梦 我 知 道

Slightly smile, dream of childhood, I know

bu yao ku rang ying huo chong dai zhu ni tao pao

不 要 哭 让 萤 火 虫 带 著 你 逃 跑

Don't cry, let firefly bring you running.

xiang jian de ge yao yong yuan de yi kao

乡 间 的 歌 谣 永 远 的 依 靠

Forever rely on village folk song

hui jia ba hui dao zui chu de mei hao

回 家 吧 回 到 最 初 的 美 好

Go home, back to the beginning of beauty

bu yao zhe me rong yi jiu xiang fang qi

不 要 这 么 容 易 就 想 放 弃

Don't give up so fast

jiu xiang wo shuo de

就 像 我 说 的

Like what I said

zhui bu dao de meng xiang huan ge meng bu jiu de le

追 不 到 的 梦 想 换 个 梦 不 就 得 了

The dream you can't achieve, just exchange it, you got it

wei zi ji de ren sheng xian yan shang se

为 自 己 的 人 生 鲜 艳 上 色

Let you life coloured brightly.

xian ba ai tu shang xi huan de yan se

先 把 爱 涂 上 喜 欢 的 颜 色

First, let paint the love with favourite colour

xiao yi ge ba gong cheng ming jiu bu shi mu di

笑 一 个 吧 功 成 名 就 不 是 目 的

Smile, become famous not the purpose

rang zi ji kuai le kuai le zhe cai jiao zuo yi yi

让 自 己 快 乐 快 乐 这 才 叫 做 意 义

Let yourself happy, is more meaningful

tong nian de zhi fei ji

童 年 的 纸 飞 机

Childhood paper plane

xian zai zhong yu fei hui wo shou li

现 在 终 于 飞 回 我 手 里

Finally, now fly back to my hand

suo wei de na kuai le

所 谓 的 那 快 乐

So called happiness

chi jiao zai tian li zhui qing ting zhui dao lei le

赤 脚 在 田 里 追 蜻 蜓 追 到 累 了

Barefoot on (rice)field, catch dragonfly until tired

tou zhai shui guo bei mi feng gei ding dao pa le

偷 摘 水 果 被 蜜 蜂 给 叮 到 怕 了

Pluck fruit, scared being sting by bee

shei zai tou xiao ne

谁 在 偷 笑 呢

Who, laughing, woollen cloth

wo kao zhu dao cao ren chui zhu feng chang zhu ge shui zhu le

我 靠 著 稻 草 人 吹 著 风 唱 著 歌 睡 著 了

I lean against the scarecrow/straw man, blow by the wind, singing and then


Oh! Oh! wu hou ji ta zai chong ming zhong geng qing cui

哦 哦 午 后 吉 它 在 虫 鸣 中 更 清 脆

Oh! Oh! Afternoon guitar accompany by insect singing make it more melodious�

Oh! Oh! yang guang sa zai lu shang jiu bu pa xin sui

哦 哦 阳 光 洒 在 路 上 就 不 怕 心 碎

Oh! Oh! Sunlight shine on the road, don't worry heart will broken

zhen xi yi qie jiu suan mei you yong you

珍 惜 一 切 就 算 没 有 拥 有

Treasure what you have now, even you have nothing you actually own everything

huan ji de ni shuo jia shi wei yi de cheng bao

还 记 得 你 说 家 是 唯 一 的 城 堡

Remember back then you said home is the only castle

sui zhu dao xiang he liu ji xu ben pao

随 著 稻 香 河 流 继 续 奔 跑

Fragrance rice, as the river continue flowing

wei wei xiao xiao shi hou de meng wo zhi dao

微 微 笑 小 时 候 的 梦 我 知 道

Slightly smile, dream of childhood, I know

bu yao ku rang ying huo chong dai zhu ni tao pao

不 要 哭 让 萤 火 虫 带 著 你 逃 跑

Don't cry, let firefly bring you running.

xiang jian de ge yao yong yuan de yi kao

乡 间 的 歌 谣 永 远 的 依 靠

Forever rely on village folk song

hui jia ba hui dao zui chu de mei hao

回 家 吧 回 到 最 初 的 美 好

Go home, back to the beginning of beauty

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things i wan to do after stpm!!

After studying for just a short while only.. i will get so bored and i start sitting in front of my pc and doing this right now... *sigh* Here i go AGAIN.
I just cant leave my blog alone..
i was thinking of what i want to do after my stpm.
At least 'they' will give me some inspirations to strive forward even more. haha.

1. Dine in a sea food restaurant with my current classmates right after 4th of Nov 2008
2. Meet up with Michele, Elizabeth, Fern, Lynette, Ping , Hwei Zhen, Yi Hui, Yeongli, Yong xing and the list goes on and on.
3. Change my hair style!! try something new and dye my hair perhaps. Could not colour my hair even once after spm pun... :(
4. RED BOX!!
5. BAdminton!!
6. Hiking!
7. Paint ball!
8. Water sports!
10. Attend real guitar lesson
11. Go to HongKong
12. Go to China
13.Watch tones of movies which i have missed for the past few months
14.oh yea.. learn how to drive. Denise and Aifern always ask me this questions million times. ('eh..when are you starting to drive?? must faster go learn d u know... then must fetch me yea..')
15. Shopping
16.Go Klang and stay at my aunt's house and to make sure my cousin organize a BBQ party for me! (yea..David hng i am talking to you. :P )

I can only think of these right now... chaoz...
During the 1980's


Today in 2008.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

See you guys after our major examinations!! tata.... sayonara... byebye.... *sob sob*.

Must be a NERD for this one month.

Be ready for STPM!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


So basically this was where my relatives together with my sis n mom went during their 2 days trip. On the way back to Penang, they stopped at Rawang, my grand uncle and grand auntie's house. These pictures even made me feel so much uncomfortable.. made me feel jealous of not being there!! sigh, sigh and sigh. hahah. and oh... the magnificent scenery's made my heart stopped... wow..

their huge house.

the owner of that house, my grand uncle. he was a Leftenan Army last time.

One of the need to climb up the stairs to get into this unique room.

The kitchen

the outside area of the house.

As they walked into the forest.

The waterfall!!!! i wish i was there!!!

The mini pool.

Lots of food for the China ppl to bring back. So much food!! and where are our HONEY from china?? None at all.. All those high graded hospitality given by us... but they didnt even care to give us something in return. its not to say that we are calculative but it is the matter of manners. They gave the whole bunch of honey bottles to the Bride's dad, which is my mom's cousin. but the truth is, my mom's cousin didnt do anything for them for this 1 week... unfair!!