Friday, October 31, 2008

31st October

Today, we girls went out from school again...ehem..breaking the school rules for the last time! today is FLYDAY! means we can fly as high as we want to because it is our last day at school. We went to Baskin Robbins to buy ice cream! 31% discount.

6 spoons indicated we tried 6 types flavor. 6 ONLY ok...but the worker was kinda annoyed with us, throwing us a dirty look each time we wanna try the ice cream. hahaha...but its kinda fun to tease her. OUr Utility sut increased.

back to school. 11 ppl sharing One quarter box of ice cream?? It is definitely fun!!Cost around RM33 something.

OUr very own marketing campaign for Baskin Robbins. Since Halloween has just finished, we used this idea to promote baskin robbins to the nation! Eat till you drop!! nah.. you will NEVER drop. the ice cream is as tasteful as the heaven. :P


Dolphin said...

Haha pin yin, attractive marketing strategy huh.. i guess baskin robbins owe all of you something in return for the effort of promoting. lol..

pinyin said...

hahha... should say thank you to the marketing director who gave us the idea..hahaaha