Sunday, October 19, 2008

I went back from school earlier today.
This will be the 2nd time i am doing it. XD yea...
breaking school rules?? I do not care much for now.
Business paper2 was pretty tough compare with the last few exams...
i told myself this.. 'pinyin ...wat do u expect?? it is a trial paper...not monthly test.'
I was in dilemma for choosing the CORRECT questions to answer.
I have wasted around 5 mins to do that....
Damn tired now after the 3 hours of excruciating moment.
I wanted to pee but i could not,
my butt felt so numb,wanna move it also could not,
Felt hungry,wanna eat also could not
all i could do was, drink MORE and MORE water,
I was sweating away when i was doing my paper so i asked Pn.loo to switch to the 'bigger' no.
I didnt know that SingGhee was shivering under the fan.oopss!! sorry!!

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