Friday, October 31, 2008

Low quality spectacles.

This is so weird! Don't you think that it is so unreasonable for a boss from a Spectacles Shop blaming their customers for their own low quality goods?? My sis bought a pair of new latest trend spectacles from the shop, opposite Sun Shine Farlim, Penang -- MASTER OPTIC SDN BHD for RM300. RM300 is consider quite expensive for me because i bought mine approximately RM200 last year. My sis hesitated on buying the specs due to the price at 1st but i told her it should be worth it as she will be wearing it EVERYDAY. She bought it at last. After 2 weeks, she accidentally dropped her specs from the piano and guess what happen? A small part of the lense has cracked with some tiny lines. This should not be happening for a RM300 specs.

She went back to that shop and ask them to repair it. One of the workers told us that, the specs must have been dropped and CRASHED to the floor roughly. The truth was, the height of the piano is barely reaching my waist. And i do dropped my specs occasionally...NOTHING happen....still fine as ever. Yea.. i told that guy bout this.. but he still did not want to admit that their stuff are LOW QUALITY. So, he repaired the specs. While he was in the process of amending the specs, a customer came in and i over heard the conversation between the boss and that customer... i was not eaves dropping ok..... they happened to talk very 'loudly'.

Customer A: My specs's frame came off. I just bought this 2 months ago.
Boss: oh.... it must have been you SWEAT. must be too salty till it loosen the screw.

I was like... 'what the hell?!' This is the 1st time i have ever heard such nonsensical reason. Blame on ur customer's sweat? I wear my specs to school practically everyday and i didnt really wash it everyday but still NOTHING happen. I even accidentally sat on my specs few times... NOTHING happen. I was undeniably pissed off with that shop and i swear that i will not come to that shop ever again. Once bitten, twice shy

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