Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here goes my story. Last saturday when i woke up, my right ear got blocked. I did not feel good so my mom took me to consult a doctor opposite Union Primary School. My mom actually wanted to take me to her company doctor but coincidentally that doctor was on leave. Its was definitely not a wise choice but who will ever predict that! Dr.Chua examined my throat, nose and ear.

When he checked my throat, he said 'oh... madam..look at ur daughter's throat. Inflammation. Its abnormal.'

ok... i got to admit that i was a lil shaken when he said tat 'abnormal' word.

Later he said 'Young paper like you should not have this problem u know, it is not a good sign that your ear got affected. if it were your nose & throat..then its not that serious'.

My mom asked him what are the causes that made my ear got block and have the echo sound. He replied, 'Oh..there are a lot of causes and one of them is -TUMOR'. That strucked me straight to my heart. I started to perspire.... He said i need to do X-Ray to comfirm. At the end of the check up, my mom needed to forked out RM250. I was worried like hell throughout this 5 days!!!!!! I was so depressed and i didnt talk at all for the past few days. That made my whole family and friends worried. I am very sorry that i put on my sour face for these few days and i didnt mean to do that.

On the very same day, i went to my form teacher's house with my friends to pay her a surprise visit. She told me that Dr.Chua is famous for wanting to earn EXTRA $$ and his 'hobby' is to operate. She advised me to consult another doctor for confirmation. I did as she told me. So i went to Dr.Yee's clinic (my mom's company doctor) on monday. He told me nothing serious bout my ear and diagnose that my tube Eustachian got blocked.

Today is the day i should go back to Dr.Chua's SPECIALIST CENTRE for further check ups and to collect my X ray but i didnt go. I was too 'coward' to go. My elder brother and sis went instead. waiting at home was not an enjoyable moment. I started to think all those negative stuff and that was damn excrusiating!!!! That 40 mins at home... really stressed me out! I kept on eyeing my hand phone, waiting for my brother to call. He then called me, he said nothing serious. The X ray results showed that my tube Eustachian got block by some liquid thats why i heard echo. I was so f*cking relief!!! and darn that bloody doctor chua.

His reputation as a doctor has been shaky. My mom's friend said that her baby suffered flu years ago and she consulted that doctor, he said must under-go operation. Luckily, my mom's friend didnt follow his instruction and she let her baby took some cord liver oil instead. In the end she healed. I still do not understand why his clinic is still standing STRONG after what he did.... I thought doctors' priority is to save people's life. but............. Dr.Chua's actions, showed me that i was being too naive all the time. Maybe some doctors are hypnotize by $$.
I just want to thank all my friends and family members who have supported me with positive words and encouragements. THANK YOU


Dolphin said...

omg pin yin, luckily nothing happens la. That 'so called' doctor, has no ethics, only thinking about 's double stroke'. haha..

Chong Wee said...

haha. no wonder...
now okay liao ma
as long as you are not hurt because of 'pua toh'

Chong Wee said...

and hor. i tell you la har..
never go to the clinic anymore
you know why?
i got few frens. even myself..
last time i got nose prob.
and i went to that clinic
fulamak.. he asked me to do operation..

but luckily my dad not allow me to do so..
even my frens. everytime they got any prob. even a minor case. the doctor wil ask the patient to operate first.

so hor.. never go there anymore..
prefer going hospital..
at least feelmore secure. wtf
hahaha.. diu that clinic...

dont trust the doctor
because.. kin pun BO KO LENG

Chong Wee said...

ahahaha... song! write so long...
it has been kept inside my heart for 10 years.
wow... celaka clinic..

pinyin said...

wah..geng...10 years!!?? i didnt know bout tis clinic. i just went. then mana tau sui sui let him ha me..aiks.tat day, he didnt even examine me 1st, he sudah asked his nurse to do audio test 4 me,luckily i refused.or else i duno how much he will charge me.My sis's fren also kena once..xray, test so much things, in the end need to pay rm2000 over. fulamak.

Chong Wee said...

ya la.. that clinic sucks money eh ma
a bit a bit tio operation
one day sure kena heart attack