Friday, October 3, 2008


So basically this was where my relatives together with my sis n mom went during their 2 days trip. On the way back to Penang, they stopped at Rawang, my grand uncle and grand auntie's house. These pictures even made me feel so much uncomfortable.. made me feel jealous of not being there!! sigh, sigh and sigh. hahah. and oh... the magnificent scenery's made my heart stopped... wow..

their huge house.

the owner of that house, my grand uncle. he was a Leftenan Army last time.

One of the need to climb up the stairs to get into this unique room.

The kitchen

the outside area of the house.

As they walked into the forest.

The waterfall!!!! i wish i was there!!!

The mini pool.

Lots of food for the China ppl to bring back. So much food!! and where are our HONEY from china?? None at all.. All those high graded hospitality given by us... but they didnt even care to give us something in return. its not to say that we are calculative but it is the matter of manners. They gave the whole bunch of honey bottles to the Bride's dad, which is my mom's cousin. but the truth is, my mom's cousin didnt do anything for them for this 1 week... unfair!!

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