Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things i wan to do after stpm!!

After studying for just a short while only.. i will get so bored and i start sitting in front of my pc and doing this right now... *sigh* Here i go AGAIN.
I just cant leave my blog alone..
i was thinking of what i want to do after my stpm.
At least 'they' will give me some inspirations to strive forward even more. haha.

1. Dine in a sea food restaurant with my current classmates right after 4th of Nov 2008
2. Meet up with Michele, Elizabeth, Fern, Lynette, Ping , Hwei Zhen, Yi Hui, Yeongli, Yong xing and the list goes on and on.
3. Change my hair style!! try something new and dye my hair perhaps. Could not colour my hair even once after spm pun... :(
4. RED BOX!!
5. BAdminton!!
6. Hiking!
7. Paint ball!
8. Water sports!
10. Attend real guitar lesson
11. Go to HongKong
12. Go to China
13.Watch tones of movies which i have missed for the past few months
14.oh yea.. learn how to drive. Denise and Aifern always ask me this questions million times. ('eh..when are you starting to drive?? must faster go learn d u know... then must fetch me yea..')
15. Shopping
16.Go Klang and stay at my aunt's house and to make sure my cousin organize a BBQ party for me! (yea..David hng i am talking to you. :P )

I can only think of these right now... chaoz...


Eli said...


greenlover said...

good luck ya..
still a few weeks to go
same with me that din't learn how to drive yet
and my friend keep on ask me go and learn
haha even undang i also not yet listen
all the best to u o !!
jia euu !!