Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Puan Sabariah @ our Sayang's house for Jamuan makan. Yesterday was her baby's 1 month old. Her baby daughter name SARA ALIM. What a sweet name although it is a very common name. What bout our list of names which have given to her??? -- andrea. haha. We spent around 40 mins just to reach her house thanks to gim hong & wengjin for regconising her 'avanza'. Her relatives was there including her husband's sister. Her marriage with her chinese husband have actually bought the malays and the chinese closer.

Awwh.... pn.sabariah's lil princess.

Pn.sabariah with her baby.

Our papa no.1 - GimHong.i think he was a lil bit nervous when he was carrying sara.haha

Papa no.2 - Wengjin. hahah. he was too feeling nervous.

She looked so serene.

Here goes the 'big mama'. breas feeding sara?? haha

Group pic!

That baby is our very own malaysian's future super star. he just knows how to smile when the camera was in front of him. his name is Dinish. eeping..he is Dinish not DAnny.

The woman with red blouse is pn.sabariah's sister and also dinish's mom

Big mama and dinish having their fun time.

But then......i think our big mama was too big for lil dinish....

We waved good bye to pn.sabariah at 3pm and we made our way to Queensbay mall. The guys went into the 'bolders book shop'.

wengjin so 'pia' for his stpm. he even sat down to study....geng.. but as we got closer.. we saw this.

Me with ping

Save the last pic for the best.... the FANTASTIC 4?? or the FABULOUS 4?? Or the FLOWER 4??

we were on our way home form Queensbay, i suggested to find pn.loo, our class teacher first because her house is some where nearby USM. We thought it was very easy to find her place. BUt we were deadly wrong! to find her house, we must go through the mazes first...... At the end of the day... we found it worth it as we got to talk with our beloved teacher for around 2 hours! @ techers's houses in one day??? Superb!


Dolphin said...

the baby is so so very cute.. haha.

pinyin said...

haha.. yea.. this is the 1st time i carry a one month old baby and it was kinda scary.hahaah