Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Backstreetboys....My all time favourite boy band!! Love them since i was in primary school. I even know how to sing every single song in their albums last time. You name it, i sing it for u. XD Started off with 'As Long As You Love me' to 'Inconsolable'. From the 1990's to year 2008. As time passes by, their style of music changes as well, to catch up on with the latest groove in the music industry.

They are so much different and sound more unique than all those Taiwanese boy bands like 'Fahrenheit', F4, 5566 and much more. BSB consists of 5 members.. they are Nick, Brian, AJ,Howie and Kevin. No doubt that 5 of them can sing very very well. They have gifted talents. Not only singing but also into instruments. Each of them knows how to play different instruments. Nick plays the drum, Howie plays the guitar, Kevin plays the piano. Their talents worth more than the 'pretty boy' looks like the ones in Taiwanese boy bands. Now Kevin is out of this group and the latest album without his deep and mature voice does not seem to sound right. No matter what happens to this BSB... i will be one of their most LOYAL FANs. XOXO.

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