Sunday, November 30, 2008

Denise and Teongphei.

Happy Birthday to Teh Teong Phei @ our Upper 6Arts 3 'SIAO KIA'

You are now 19 years old. Consider as adult d ok...
So please do not be like little boy boy who always hide our things, chase people around and ask people to SHUT UP when they are talking to you ok??
BIG SISTER is giving you advise... Must take into consideration. Last but not least, if any 'improvement' in your relationship, do update us and Friends Forever!

Nah..birthday cake for you. cute rite? so suitable for you. XD

Mercedes-Benz for you!!! wah.. i am so generous. So cool!

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Alden said...

hahah... read back abit touch... thank you... hahaha