Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lynette's Birthday. 20/11/08

We gathered at Little Cottage 2 just now for lynette's birthday. I met Michele and Hwei Zhen... long time no c!! Really miss them and really happy to see them!!! They are still the same... look the same, dress the same and sound the same... yea yea... Michele's 'Laugh-out-loud' thing still the same...

Happy birthday 'hiao po'?? haha

Lynette making her birthday wish... ermm she wishes for 4 A's in STPM?? maybe

Fern, nette and mich. this pic looks so dark.... fern said the pic look better without flash.. but its difficult to look at it.

me and hui fern

me, fern and mich


ok..this one without flash...

with flash.. so judge urself.. :P

Group picture... :P

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