Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Striving Hard.

We just finished 2 papers from yesterday till today.
We have done with our History paper one and General Paper 2. yay!
At least after these 2 papers, they had lighten my burden.
Next week will be quite hectic for us..
I just cant wait till everything is over.
We still have 5 exam days to go. I am counting down the days. hehe.
I would like to thank so many people for helping and giving me all the encouragements during the exam period.. but i will express my gratitute after 4th of Dec 2008.
So take care everyone!! Lets strive forward!! go go go!!
XOXO,chaoz.. and cheers.

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Dolphin said...

Gambateh Pin Yin, Jia you jia you!!!