Sunday, December 28, 2008

28/12/08 is definitely an auspicious day to get married. So many couples tied knots today. My friend too. Her wedding was very simple yet meaningful. All her 10 siblings attended her wedding luncheon. 10 children??!!! that is a lot but her mom does not even look 'big'. We started off with our day well at my friend's house and after that we went to the SGM centre for the tea ceremony. Later in the afternoon we went to the restaurant.

The girls in the bride's room.

we were getting ready to play tricks on the bridegroom. XD

me and Toh Koon.
the tea ceremony at SGM centre.

they were exchanging the rings.

the bride groom painted his wife's wedding picture. this is the wedding gift from the bridegroom to the bride.

group picture

standing, left to right-pinyin,su gee,toh koon
sitting, left to right-yinmei, angelia,lai fong



Myhorng said...

y always no title 1?

pinyin said...

y must put the title?? cuz i sometimes dunno what is the suitable title. XD