Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Happy Xmas & Happy year 09 people!!! Take a look at those pics taken during the xmas party at my aunt's house. Memorable and enjoyable... cheers! The pictures tell you all the things we did.



Lots of food! prepared by my aunt and mom.

from left to right: Auntie Esther, Auntie -i dunno her name, Alice, Natalie. They are all my neighbours. they are such caring and nice ppl.

from left to right: my mom, Christine jie,Foo Ko,Su Ching

auntie and uncle low. they are my parents' good friend.they never leave us when we needed them the most. thanks form the bottom of my heart.

my aunt. we were at her house celebrating xmas.

sitting left to right: kwanlin and Deniss, standing: my sister


Choo yu ying with mei mei

kids nowadays play counter more the time when we used to play barbie dolls and water guns. XD

Lin Min picking her favourite food.

foo ko with his son,yuying. i wonder what he teaches his son to do...hahaah

Uncle Vincent's birthday!

his family members

girls so fascinated bout their presents. yay!!

linmin & yin mei opening their presents impatiently

me opening the present.

busy opening their presents.

my neighbours..

choo yu ying opening his present. why he looked so sour in this pic?

jeremy with me and our present. he got a scarf!

natalie and me. the mug is given by her to me.

ok.. i was not ready for the pic.

the teenagers!!! young and sweet!

The lau eeS- aunties in hokkien.

the ahpekS- means uncle in hokkien.