Friday, December 19, 2008

Class Outing.

Upper 6 Arts 3 Class 2008 had a dinner and gathering at Nandos last Thursday with our class teacher, Pn.Loo. I will talk bout it very briefly now as my cousin is rushing me cause i am using his laptop. I am updating my blog at Klang.. for the first time. haha.. have fun and cheers. XOXO. I hope with the photo captions, you will understand better. :P. Special thanks to Pn.Loo for the dinner.

Guys on the escalator. Nice angle.

From left to right, chris, sing ghee and Wengjin

Wengjin with the hamper. This hamper was given by us to Pn.loo

Buat lawak..hahah.Love the dogs.

Group picture.

The guy with the red shirt is Janshen. He was giving a speech.

woo... Look at those hands.The further up hand belongs to TeongPhei, the centre hands belong to pn.loo and the the hands with a watch belong to Denise. Guess what the hands did to each other.... ehem..the centre hands tried to grab the other 2 person's hands together...

sitted, left to right- Amy,Leewen, ShanPhei, PeiShan
Standing, left to right-Denise, Ailene

Pn.loo was busy talking to her students...

sitted,left to right- Leewen, Ailene, Shanphei, PeiShan
Standing,left to right-Amy, Denise, Eeping and me

sitted, left to right-sing ghee, gimhong, chris
Standing,left to right-TeongPhei,Wengjin,Janshen

guys gossiping?? except for sing ghee... he used to say he DOES NOT gossip, he only listens

girls with pn.loo


Pinyin with Pn.Loo


Miss Denise busy eating..enjoying her dinner

Homosexual??? hahhaahha


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