Sunday, December 14, 2008


The Soka Gakkai Malaysia, penang had organised a play and also an exhibition about our President of Soka Gakkai. Our president is none other than, Daisaku Ikeda. He is known as Ikeda Sensei among us. The drama was all about the life of Ikeda sensei from young to now and also the hard work he had done to contribute to the peace of the society. This was the perfect time for the none Soka Gakkai members to understand more about our organisation and to clear off their misunderstanding about it.

I really enjoyed the drama by the student divisions although i was not one of the participants. There was once, when few of the participants came out to sing a song, i had this strange feeling. I felt and i wished i could be on that stage singing that song too with them. The truth was, i actually did submit the participation form but no news about it. No one contacted me. I was a lil taken a back actually but as time passed, i am ok with it.

Through this drama, it had showed me how much love Ikeda had poured to us. I even picture myself in one of Ikeda's shoes during the World War 2 and i could not have imagined what he had to go through all those hard times. He definitely live his life to the fullest and without any regret. This is what all of us should have in our life.

The stage.

During the exhibition.

The actors and actress.

after the play.

Everyone was overjoyed!

My so called cousin and i. XD

Wengjin, leewen, christopher, me. whats with chris's cute post?? ==''

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