Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Christmas 08!!

Xmas is just around the corner!!! So, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
Make sure all of you have lots of love, fun, happiness and also lots of food , including Turkeys on Christmas!
And look out for Santa!!
I am wondering what will i do on christmas day as i am not a christian, i dun really know exactly what they do during the celebration. I just know that they will gather at church for some kind of ceremony. My aunt told me that she might have a small xmas party at her house.. party to her means, plenty of delicious food and also very entertaining.

What i love bout Christmas??
1. I love the get-together-family-feelings
2. I love the christmas carols
3.I love to eat
4. I love wearing santa's hat
5. I love the sweets
6. I love the presents!
7. I love the fact that i love giving my friends packets of sweets on every xmas
8. I love the champagne

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