Sunday, December 21, 2008

I spent 3 days 2 nights at Klang few days ago. It have been ages since i last came to Klang and i missed my uncle's house a lot. For the first nite we watched 'Transporter' while for the second day, we hang out at Sunway Pyramid. OK..talking bout Transporter, an action movie full with sexy scenes and not to forget the cool driving. XD. Does this line sound familiar to you guys? ''Give me that'' ''Kiss me first''.

Throughout these days, we have made some new friends with different personalities. Not too bad as we got to crack jokes to make each other laugh damn hard. Everything was ok... except that i could not accept the fact that i could be so so damn blur at times. OK.. not to say blur.. better words to describe, ''my brain stop functioning for a few seconds''. The story starts here. My sis and I bought a box of chocolate for my cousin's friend, WC as a way to show our appreciation towards him for his company and also his time and oh yea.. and to appreciate him for not taking me to Tanjung Harapan the night b4 -tanjung harapan is a place ppl believe is the most freakiest place in klang.

So i passed him the chocolate. There was another friend, Alan sitting next to my cousin. WC said i should have given those chocolate to Alan. I was wondering why. My cousin then showed me Alan's ID card, which stated something like - 841222. I just stared absent mindedly and i smirked, without knowing what was going on but i pretend as if i knew it la.. hahaha...
Later when we needed to leave, i heard WC and my sis wished Alan Happy birthday and my mouth was hanging ajar. I paused to think. ''ting!!'' now i got it!!!

Slow me but at least my cousin praised me for being a good actress.


Myhorng said...

OK, u r blur enough to not put title on this post. try to prove something to us?

pinyin said...

i duno what to put as the title la.. haha..this time not blur. :P