Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IP Man. How do you pronounce this?? Many people have gotten the wrong pronunciation. Some pronounced as I-P M-A-N which was damn funny, some pronounced as YIP M-A-N. The worker at the movie ticket counter asked us what show we wanted to watch, here goes our conversation.

Girl: Mr, what do you wish to watch?
My friend
: We want to wat
ch 'eep mun'' - my friend pronounced it correctly
Girl: Oh... I-P M-A-N?? which seats do you prefer?
My friend was thinking: sweat... how come you pronounce the title as if i were to watch an english movie?

I love this show so much though there are a lot of violent actions. The setting in this movie is during the Japan-china war, approximately 1939. Its a story about Bruce Lee's Martial Arts master,Ip Man, pronounce as eep mun. Even the story line may be simple & predictable, but it seems that the kicks and punches are real!!No stunt men needed to show the superb moves. This show might cause controversy among the chinese and the japanese. In this movie, Ip Man chose to protect his country's dignity by not teaching the japanese his kungfu even he was treathen by the japanese army. On the other hand, his friend- the inspector, bowed to the japanese in order to survive.

Here are some questions for you guys to think
1. Will you rather not bow down to the japanese and suffer but you still have pride of the chinese? OR 2.Will you rather do whatever the japanese tell you and you will be safe but you lose your pride of the chinese?
ps: the questions are based on the movie, set in the days when china has been under the japanese colony.

Ip Mun with his students

Ip Man's tomb.

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