Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Day wearing SCHOOL UNIFORM in MBS

Methodist Boys School. I have studied here for 1 and half years. Lots of memories in this school.I will miss this school for sure..but definitely not the canteen food and also the canteen auntie's attitude.

This is where the school assembled every morning to sing our national anthem. Yea... i hate the standing part. It sucks a lot. :P

This is Pn.Loo's sitting place. haha.took this pic for fun

Look whose place is this?????

Feng Jiang and me. When i approached him to take this pic, he said, 'Aiyo, i am not handsome'
I replied, 'I am not pretty also..if like tat, we forever cannot take pictures d'.haha.

another one..

Jeff with Eeping. See what jeff is clutching to his chest?? the car keys?? he is eeping's ''driver''.haha.

Pickaboo!! Jeff and Keh Jun. They were as if coming out from the dungeon.

Who is that SHY girl??

Group picture straight after our Macro economics paper. yea.. last paper!!!

Take a look at the teachers' loo. damn high class. I didnt want to leave the ladies immediately like i always did in students toilet. You will know what i mean when you see the next picture.....................................>

I even sat on top of the toilet bowl to study!!!!! cool huh?? this pic has already sensored. I was suppose to pull down my ..... u know... to show that i am peeing...haha. but no la..not here.

** Honestly, I do miss studying in MBS although we need to use the smelly toilet and eat the canteen food everyday. All those good memories we had with our friends and also teachers have brought me so much joyful moments. The times we sang so loudly in the class, we actually sang DAP theme song -'ai pia, ai chiak eh ia' to let off our stress. haha. we sang till the next class could hear us. There are too many good and sweet memories that i wanted to list down, but its too much...later i will be known as grandmother for being so long winded. All i want to say is, Thanks for the Memories, MBS!.... ooppss.. i didnt know i could have actually sound so patriotic. shit.. haha. so not me. **hugs!

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