Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A lot of my friends asked me, what do i plan to do after STPM? I said, first thing, i will enjoy myself to the fullest, then i will find a job and the next thing to do.... GET RID of my books!! I sounded so happy here. During our examination, i always wonder, 'how nice it will be if i could just recycle all my books now!!'

So few days after STPM, i eventually started clearing off my bookssssss... I was totally wrong bout the happy feeling that i thought i will have when i get rid of my books. The truth was, i missed my books!!! Really. All those books that i have studied and all those notes i have done by myself were stacked up on my tables untidily. When i grabbed them, i stared at them and i realised those notes on my table were all my hard work. Plenty of time used to create them and now i got to throw them away. I felt so heavy hearted but i needed to... arrggh... In the end, i got them recycled. SWT..

my history notes.... SOB....

text books

my history notes again.... aikz
In the midst of cleaning up

huiyo... damn untidy and dirty.. haha

my tuition notes

TWILIGHT story book!! of cuz i did not try to throw this away..its a new book. I read them each 10 minutes after i cleared my stuff. i just could not let go of this book. I could not stop reading it. I'm lovin it!!

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