Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lunch at E & O Hotel

We had buffet lunch at E & O Hotel to sort of celebrate my cousin's soon-to-be-wife, Jinny's birthday. I will just summarize bout the food. The theme was 'Asian Cuisine' where they served food like; roti canai, cha keow teow, hokkien mee, chicken rice, the deserts, lamb chop, ikan pangang, salman fish and etc. I love the desserts the most. I mean everyone loves the desserts! All those sweet, chocolate toppings which can make me feel like i am in heaven. People always say that chocolate can make the women happy. yea.. i think that thoery worked pretty well on me. haha. The rest of the food its not that special as i can get those hawker food anywhere in Penang. The taste, ermm i will have to say not bad and if you asked me whether i will come here for a 2nd time, i would say... maybe.

ps:i didnt got the time some pictures of those food because i was practically very busy eating and enjoying myself. I live to eat u know.!!haha
. Thanks to my cousin, Gary for the invitation to have our lunch at E n O Hotel. NOt to forget my special thanks to him again for paying the bills. XD

Su Ching jie jie and me

From left to right : HannChern,Jeremy & KwanLin. KwanLin trying to harass Jeremy?? but looks like jeremy was enjoying every bit of it.

Is this the same picture as the previous one?? any differences? XD

my mom & I.
Group Picture

My sister and my bro.

Halfway tru.

Jinny & me. the birthday girl. XD

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