Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some pictures taken in my uncle and aunt's house at Klang. I just managed to took a few only. At least better than none. I did have a great time there at Klang. Thanks a lot to my aunt for the delicious food and my uncle for the good hospitality. Not to forget my cousin and his friends... thanks!!
ps: the rest of the pics which are not in the house were grabbed from my cousin. tq.

The kitchen

2nd part of the hall

my cousin's room.i asked him to exchange room with me for 2 nights but he refused. :( cause my room no air cond..

i look so 'sampat' haha.

waichun n me. our ''driver'' for 2 days. xiexie ni. XD

i am one of the Cullens family.haha. i drink blood. taste n smell good. hmmm...

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