Monday, December 15, 2008

Starwalk 2008

This year will be my 5th times joining starwalk. I started joining when i was in primary 6. How time flies.. haha. Everything remains the same except the participants. I did notice that the crowd was getting bigger each year but it seemed that the organisers had to cut down some cost. No more charity concert like the olden days and no more high quality certs too. The 10km walk was ok for me and obviously damn easy for will be like 'sub sub water' for him. He ran for the 45 km marathon. This is such a HUGE difference. 10km VS 45km??? I had only few hours of sleep b4 hand and i felt as if i was floating in the mid air when i was walking. Just could not felt awake!!! Here are some pictures taken during the day and those pics were taken by aifern's camera... XD. Met some of MBS students and also MBS teachers there as well.

Just started the walk. Everything is still 'fresh',including our body and our hair.haha..

After the walk...can see the differences between the ''freshness'' on us b4 and after the walk?? haha

My mom, sis and me. picture taken by miss aifern.we just came out from the KFC toilet. The toilets in the PISA stadium were fully crowded.

fern.. i do think my pose is unique in a way..ok..hahaha

Yea..''switch to DIGI, its so EASY''

woo... look at the crowd... :P


Myhorng said...

glad to see ur mom is smiling happily. way to go... walk walk walk

pinyin said...

she was smiling for the 'suzuki' motorbikes. haha.. but too bad we didnt win any of the bikes for the lucky draw. XD