Sunday, January 4, 2009

2nd day at HK

LamFung was walking towards MTR station at WongKok, every one's head turned into his position and everyone was hardly breathing. My heart skipped a beat as i reached towards him and i wanted to call his name but my mouth didnt seem to be doing its job. He smiled at me. My heart melted... aawwh... Then i heard 'cho san cho san' - good morning in cantonese. Lamfung's figure suddenly turned into a lady. i rubbed my eyes repeatedly. Chech... where is my lamfung?? The lady is my aunt from HongKong. She came into our room at 10am. i only slept for like 4 hours!!! So the 2nd day had arrived!

We stayed at Wongkok. One of the hostel. the rooms are quite small, smaller than my room. it has 2 single beds and one double decker bed with a tiny toilet. Although it is small, the room is very clean n neat. so not much complain.

the surrounding near our hostel.its very centralise.its easy to get food n shopping

my brother and i. its very cold out there. the temperature was around 10 degree Celsius. but i'm lovin it.
In the bus. one bus is only allowed to carry 16 passengers. not less than that and also not more than that. We were on our way to meet out uncle at a dim sum house.

my leng chai uncle. he is already 87 years old. he still can walk very steadily and talks very well.

my younger bro with my uncle. i think the left guy is more good looking than the right guy. ''smirk'' XD

the tasty but oily food. we normally have dim sum early in the morning but here in HK, they have have dim sum in the noon.

my uncle's shop. he sells jed

us and him


Later in the afternoon, we went to 'Lui yan kai'- Ladies street in cantonese. Things there are expensive before the bargain coming in. The business men and women majority are rude and very straight forward people. I even get scolded by them for asking them to reduce the price!


we met up with my uncle, aunt and my cousin at night for dinner. the guy on the right wearing black is my cousin.

from left to right: my aunt, my uncle all from malaysia and my eldest uncle.

enjoying dinner as a family. i was very happy and delighted to meet my uncle.

me after dinner. damn freezing cold.


Tiang Chuan said...

nice post :) i like all the photos, i like hong kong for sure :) i will alwez remember the long, tiring but meaningful journey we had, the good times we enjoyed together when we meet Tua Pek and family and the colorful life we witnessed in Hong Kong... I will be there again!

pinyin said...

hahhaaha.. yea i did enjoyed myself there but need to minus the ferry trip from macau to hk.hahahaa... i wan to go again too!! i miss tau pek too