Sunday, January 4, 2009

3rd day at HK

On the 3rd day at HK, we visited Lantau Island- one of the 3 islands in HongKong. The other 2 islands are Hongkong island and Kowloon Island. We started the journey pretty early in the morning but i felt better on the 3rd day cuz no more ''cho san'' at 10am. XD.

The huge buddha statue. its better than the statue of liberty. XD

Complete group picture

me and buddha

The souvenirs shops

the view

the unique and Japanese like toilet..

wishing shrine? if this thing really works, i shall wish that George Bush will come to an end SOONEST
david & me. pls stop smoking.

my bro and i

Cable car- 'Ngong Ping 360'.It is called Ngong Ping 360 because once we are in the cable car, fantastic and breath taking scenery can be seen in 360 degrees.

On our way down. we were actually very high from the ground.i have tried to overcome my fear of heights and i guess i have succeeded. hooray!!

what a spectacular view from our cable car! the HongKong newest air port on a man made soil. we could see the aeroplanes took off from the air port

Disney Train!!

the tickets to Disneyland.

jeremy,me and mei
one of the shops in disneyland- the world of fantasy

from left to right: Pluto, me, jeremy, wern, mei,david,tiangchuan and Goofie.Goofie was tiangchuan's used-to-be-idol..hahah
during the parade, Snow White.

The 7 Dwarfs!!! Love them!!

me alone with the small castle

Pretending to sleep while waiting for the adventure ride

in the castle... 'its a small world after all'' theme song was at the background

The last show of the night, entitled the 'Golden Mickey Award'

Fa Mulan - that guy will be captain Shang.

weee!!! the whole gang!!!

my favourite disney cartoon of all time--- Beauty & the beast....The main castle during the night.. Such a wonderful lighting.

i was shivering while i took this pic with my cousin... XD

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Myhorng said...

did you know that the cable car to Lantau Island jatuh once? just last year.. hehehe..

btw, Kowloon is not an island but peninsular instead.