Friday, January 16, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Wohoo!! Town Steamboat Restaurant is darn good! Per person to dine in is RM17.90 with unlimited food served. All up to you to choose your food and take your time to eat!! No hurry... let your stomach rest a lil while, and you can continue your eating task. Having steamboat with friends is something significant as CNY is just around the corner. I will only have steamboat during cny..not the whole year through... i will be sick of steamboat then... After the tired hours of working, i finally get to LORL means 'Laugh Out Real Loud' until my i could not breathe. It have been ages since i last laugh this way... sad huh? Alrighty!! I will stop babbling here and take a look at those pics!!

Ps: The pics are from AiFern... the gal whole stole my ham yday and acted as if i was in the wrong for scolding her. hahaha.

This restaurant is situated opposite the UMNO building, Macalister Road

Jaslyn, why must you could not just stop sms-ing??

US!! trying to fit into one picture.

Me and siau po aifern

Lynette?? Who had offended her? Or no more chocolate ice cream for her?


4 of us-they disturbed me enjoying my ice cream...must stopped to take pics.issh!! XD


the left over stuff...done and created by us

yea...i was trying to be funny.i know its lame.Lam-ing is meant to be fun!

4 of them

i have forgotten to write the cards ok..aifern?? at least i gave you all somethin for cny.


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