Sunday, January 11, 2009

My blogging days seem to slow down a lil since i started working. Ever wonder why? cause there are nth else i can write bout my work other than that ''stupiak'' gal. I am bored with her actually.. it shows tat she has nothing that can make my day shine.

Well, lets not talk bout the insignificant thing, Chinese New Year is coming so soon, my family and i will have a trip to Hainan Island from the 1st day of CNY till the 8th day.
I am looking forward to it!! who dont,when there will be 35 of us joining this vacation???
Btw, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you in the world!!
Be Happy, Be 'Chinese' and most of all Be Nice!! cheers and chaoz.


Myhorng said...

now only i know the trip will last till 8th day of CNY.

pinyin said...

har?? u didnt know?? hahhaha.... later on the 7th day, you will be wondering why we still hang around at Hainan Island. XD