Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday 24th January.

Time : 7.00 pm

Place : Eli's house.

Elizabeth and I have came out with the gathering idea past few weeks and please do come and join us...all our friends!! because we are determine to make your day a very 'pleasant' one*toothy smile* haha...Like what Eli have mentioned at her blog that you guys are reminded not to put jinx on us but if you all wished to wear something red, pls do tell least i will have some preparation.hahahaa.. So choaz.. and see you all!!
You can pay a visit to Elizabeth's blog-

*ps to eli- hopefully you have some beers ready. haha.


Myhorng said...

walau post illegal gambling on blog. u guys really think Police don't read blog 1 izzit?

Eli said...

lol pin yin yes. better take it off. just say we hv gathering in the hse

Chong Wee said...

plaY UNO police also catch eh ar?

need to tit botak or not?

pinyin said...

hahahaha...changed into something better. :P