Saturday, February 28, 2009

Legend of Chun-Li

Chun-Li, Chun-li, Chun-li....means Spring Beauty in Chinese.She is my used-to-be idol when i was a lil kid, playing a video game called ''the street fighters'' This is where i got to know her and the rest of the fighters, ppl like Ken, Ryu, Baison and more. I was damn ecstatic to found out that this show is out in the cinema!! wohoo!! The story is bout Chun-Li taking revenge on Baison for kidnapping her dad. All the hard-core journey from HongKong to Bangkok just to meet Gen, the guy whom suppose to help her in her task. The genre of this movie is more to actions and fightings. I like this movie but i do not seem to love it. The movie seem to be lacking of something which i cant even explain. A lil disappointed with it. i would rate this movie, 2 and half stars out of 5 stars.

Kristin Keuk as Chun-li


The investigator. I think that this character should not even appear in the movie.serve no purpose at all..

Friday, February 27, 2009


PS: Piggy ping.. look at your own so called ''cute'' faces..hahha...

just few weeks b4 stpm...we acted this way because of the

The PCD?? hahaha. Live at Kevin's birthday??

us together with rou at the air port

zombie look a like??haha

''tam chiak!!'' glutton in hokkien

ps: but one and for all, you are still a very good friend of mine. Who cares that you are tam chiak?? who cares whether people say tat you have loud voice? Who cares bout that??? The most important thing is that we value our friendship!!! wohoo!!! with lots of hugs!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One In A Million

One In A Million (OIAM) is reality show where it is naturally created for the Malaysians to show their singing talents. It started 3 years ago with Suki as the 1st One In A Million baby then followed by Ayu and this year is the 3rd season. During the 1st year show, I looked forward to the show everytime they aired it. Sometimes, i would jump up and down from my chair resulted by the cool and outstanding performances especially by Alif, Faizal, Suki and Dayang.

However, things are totally different this year! I did not have this similar ''reaction'' when i was watching the 1st show last Friday. Instead, i kept on complaining to my mom bout the contestants. No doubt that each of them has very strong and powerful vocal, the problem is that, whether or not they are likeable by US... the voters? This is the question that will determine their future. We have tons of great singers with their incredible and stand-out voices in Malaysia...The problem is that, i will not spend my money on their albums because they do not have these charms which can grab my attention. This is what we call it- like-able-lity.

I do not think i will watch it again this coming ''Once bitten, twice shy.'' I do not understand why do they want to start this show same time as American Idol because i think that people will start to compare the standard of the contestants from America with the ones in Malaysia...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Very Own Clubbing & Karoke-ing Night

That very night will leave impacts on EVERYBODY...Whether it is a good one or bad one, its based on what we think bout it. Majority enjoyed themselves to the fullest..However, we cant always pleased everyone in one shot..There are happiness,laughter,and even tears. But.. all these meant something to each of us...-differently tho...

Let the night begins- everyone was not well warm up yet...all looking worn-out and bored!

i just could not move my butt out from the chair.

Still waiting for the big one to start

Add Imagelooks like things were getting a lil better...

yea.. better already,...

indeed better..haha ''whats with the bananas?''
i learn how to play this game at china...they taught me.. XD

warmed up!!! oh man..this guy there..he is the best rapper in our family..dun play play ok..

getting a lil ''high''

here goes the ladies...

break dance huh??..haha

Clubbing??? ermm

look at our faces!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

After i had started working, many things have changed, certainly changed. My life routine changes, the time i can spend with my friends got lesser, the time i can do all those stupid but funny stuff have stopped...because my colleagues will think that i am nuts or out of my mind. haha. My everyday routine will be, wake up 7.40 in the morning, reach the office at 8.30am, start working, lunch break at 1pm, work till 5.45pm, go home, do the things i love to do most which is - RELAX!! by playing my lovely mate-the guitar, watch series, talk to my siblings and never forget to play with my dog! When the clock tick to 11.30pm, here goes the bed. It continues for the whole weekdays. man...!!! cant my life get more excited a lil??? hahaah.. However, i feel very lucky to hav a good temporary job...i love the things i have learnt and i love the people in the office but definitely not all.- who does when there are some annoying ppl around?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Eve

So ever wonder what were the ''independent'' people do during the Valentine's Day eve?? These were the stuff they did.... Take a look. XD. They went to certain places to make themselves excited- Red Box, Gurney Drive, Coffee Bean at Gurney Hotel, Coffee Island are the chosen places to hang out by them.
They are- from left to right- yongchin, ooppss he is suppose to be taken, chris, sing ghee and ah pin.

the guys with Lee Wen.

machi??? eeeee...

ah pin and me

sing ghee and me

lee wen n singghee

entau eh... hou mian hai you....

PS: Happy birthday to Sing Ghee and Maria!!! and also Happy VAlentine to all of you!!!!! chaoz....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Beloved Ones...

The people in the pictures below are my cousins , nieces and nephews....

my nephews.left guy named-Eric, the right guy named-Ah Jun
the cutest couple ever!! the lil guy is my cousin-HannChern, the lil girl is my niece-Lu Ya
us at the Haikou International Air Port. the g=lil girl with green tie is my niece-Yi Xian, the girl with silver bag is my niece as well-Li San and the gal next to me is my cousin-LinMin
from left to right: HannChern, Yu Ying,Xing Yi, Yi Xian, Lu Ya, Yun Chia and LiSan
Lu Ya and Me. XD

LinMin, Yi xian and Hannchern

from left to right: my bro-Jeremy, my cousin-KwanLin,Gary and Jue Yi

Me,Lu Ya and Jue Ling

at one of the Sanya beaches...

Jay chou!!!! eh..he is also consider as my beloved one ok... aiks..i am shooting him!!

Li san, YinMei and Lu Ya
Li San, Yi Xian ans Lu Ya

moo moo
China Next Top Model to be...


Eric, HannChern and me

Ah Jun,Me and YiXian
pinyin and Li san

Hannchern's latest best friends...haha


Yi Xian and HannChern